Jet Ski with the family

A family excursion on jet skis sailing the Ibizan coast can be an unforgettable memory

Ibiza with the  family!

If you’re looking for an activity to enjoy with your family during your holiday in Ibiza or Formentera, we’ve got the perfect one for you! A family day out on jet skis along the Ibizan coast will be a truly unforgettable memory.

You’ll be glad to know that anyone over the age of sixteen can drive their own jet ski, while children under that age can enjoy the excursion as passengers.

A thrilling alternative in Ibiza that your teenagers or younger children will love. All members of the family can experience the adventure in their own way. We’ll recommend the route and speed that best suits your needs.

People often think that jet skis are just for whizzing across the water for an injection of pure adrenaline. While part of this is true, they’re also great for admiring the beauty of Ibiza, seeing the entire coastline from a totally different perspective, arriving at places unreachable by land, soaking up the Mediterranean essence and riding the waves at a slower pace, all of which will give you memories you’ll never forget.


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